The Greatest Fine Argentine Cuisine
Who said chocolate was just for dessert? At Chocolate, you’ll find all the traditional Argentine dishes like the typical Parrillada with a variety of sausages, beef and chicken, served with sweet bread, as well as some other exceptional international cuisine. Though few entrèe items on the menu have chocolate, the ones that do, like the risotto with chocolate and procciutto, and a bitter greens salad with strawberries, chocolate and lemon dressing are a sweet treat. If having dessert for dinner is not your thing, as an appetizer, you can have the caviar crepes with creamy lobster sauce. And if you are in the mood for something a little different, you can find some unusual meat selections at Chocolate, like kangaroo, ostrich, and elk on weekends. 2091 Coral Way, Miami. (305) 858-9088.

– Coral Gables Gazette. Gables Greatest 2004

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